Honey Sphere

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The Honey Sphere is one of O2 Treehouses most dynamic geodesic forms. It includes 220 diamond openings and 440 facets. Its a truly magical form that mimics structural forms found in nature. This piece is great for a community gathering space or bird watching platform. What ever the activity the Honey Sphere will take the experience to new heights!

Product Information

Order Honey Sphere Plan Set Honey Sphere Plan Set @ $1,500.00

The seemingly complex geometry of the Honey Sphere mimics nature. It keeps your eye wandering around the form exploring the beauty of its geometry as well as the back drop of the forest. Once you go in you want to be there all day.”   Dustin Feider - Owner O2 Treehouse

Each plan comes with:

An instructional guide on how to build your own treehouse and a fully dimensioned set of plans which includes:

  • 3 Hours Consultation with Owner Dustin Feider
  • Materials List
  • -Wood
  • -Brackets
  • -Hardware
  • -Stain Sealants
  • Plan View
  • Elevation View
  • Entry & other interior build outs diagrams

Plan sets are created custom please allow three weeks plus ship time for the arrival of the documents.
If you have any questions regarding this item please feel free to email us at info@o2treehouse.com