1,2, Treehouse Classic

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Our structures flat pack and ship direct to your door. Hire our team to install your structures in the tree or on the ground. You can also install your own DIY style. We offer consultation services if additional guidance is needed before, during or after this process.

Product Information

Order 1,2, Treehouse Classic 1,2, Treehouse Classic @ $2,500.00

How big, how much, how long?

1 – 2 – Treehouse is the inexpensive choice for an awe-inspiring custom treehouse. The basic model is a 5′ x 5′ x 5′ enclosed structure with trap door, rope ladder, bucket lift, 2 walkie talkies, and 7-day installation ( Installation quoted on an individual basis ).


Enjoy your new leafy lounge!

Set up an art studio, create a homework hang-out,  throw a treehouse party…the possibilities are endless for enjoying your beautiful new haven!  O2 Treehouse makes treehouses a fun and safe backyard retreat for fostering creativity and learning in kids and adults alike.

Upon purchase, we will contact you regarding material preferences, colors and or finish options.
If you have any questions regarding this item please feel free to email us at info@o2treehouse.com
Please allow three weeks plus shipping time for delivery of this item.