O2Treehouse seeks to be your partner in developing remarkable treehouse installations for commercial purposes. We welcome new challenges and are eager to build larger, more impressive projects around the globe.

The unique experience we have cultivated in treehouse design will elevate your business by delighting your customers and distinguishing your offering from the competition. Our structures have been employed as Ecotourism attractions, mediation retreats and elements in learning environments.
Our process is to work closely with the client to meet the regulations required for their particular project. Because we work around the globe, often times we align with engineers to review our drawings and insurance solutions tied to the specific project as required by local laws.
We seek to design projects which shift perspectives and instill a sense of wonder with the natural world. Please download the PDF kit below as the next step in imagining what working with O2Treehouse could achieve for your business…

Download Our Custom Kit Here:adobe-blueprint-pdf-icon